Finding Yourself in the Financial Lifecycle

Define your goals and your commitment.
Let's start with simple goals. These can even be solving
family issues, etc. Be certain that you and your family are
working together to accomplish your goals.
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Step One

What goals do you want to accomplish? Outline where you would like to financial be.

Step Two

Find out where you fit in on the Financial Life Cycle.

Step Three

Get the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Formation Stage

Find out the goals and principles you have set-up for the Formation Stage. This is when you are just starting your financial life cycle.



The Orientation Stage is a period of life in which we become oriented to understanding our talents and recognizing our backgrounds.



In the Survival Stage, the pendulum often swings towards either a successful, ongoing financial future or a very seriously limited one.



In the Accumulation Stage, we notice discretionary income beginning to appear along with the need to make determinations for investing.



The Financial Library

Resources and Tools

Break down your financial plan by using these financial resources and tools:

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